Dress Code

dress codeTekoppel's specific dress code is located here.

Tekoppel’s Dress Code

  • No halter, backless, large arm holes, low cut or midriff revealing tops are to be worn without a shirt or blouse underneath. Tank tops may be worn but straps must as wide as two adult fingers.
  • No extreme clothing such as short shorts, abnormally short skirts. Shorts and skirts should touch the child’s fingertips when the child puts arms at their side.
  • Low-rise, baggy or sagging pants that reveal any skin or undergarments are prohibited. Loose fitting pants must be belted.
  • The wearing of any apparel that has on it any writing, printing, symbols or pictures that is judged by the building administrator of the school to be immoral, lewd, vulgar, or suggestive and/or implies sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, or other subjects disruptive to the normal operation of the school is prohibited.
  • The display of any object, symbol, or clothing that could reasonably be considered gang-related or could be used as a weapon is prohibited.
  • No outerwear clothing (coats, gloves, etc.) is to be worn inside the classroom. (excludes sweaters) Hooded sweatshirts must be kept in lockers.
  • No distracting accessories such as, unusual jewelry, chains, spray-on hair color, are permitted. No extreme hair color is permitted (spray on color may be used during spirit week events).
  • No shoes with rollers or wheels.
  • Head covering and sunglasses are NOT to be worn in the school building during the school day (hats, sunglasses and other articles associated with spirit week events may be worn).
  • Students will wear all items of clothing in the manner for which they are styled or designed.
  • Students must use good judgment when they select shoes. In doing so, they should consider the various activities they participate in and recognize the necessity for health and safety. Shoes must be tied, and velcro must be fastened. Flip-flops are not permitted in school. We suggest students wear tennis shoes or closed-toe shoes.
Face Masks

Masks CAN be:
  • Any color
  • Simple patterns
  • College logos
  • Student name
  • School district logo
  • Gaiters
Masks CANNOT include: 
  • Slogans or phrases
  • Vulgarities
  • Bandanas
  • Scraves

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