Tekoppel School began in 1909 as a four room brick building. Each room had its own heating stove. There was no basement or indoor plumbing.... (cont'd)
1909-1916 Albert Baughn 1917-1939 This information is missing from our records. Balsen Melchion 1939-? E. H. Silety 1943-1946 William Phelps... (cont'd)
The Great Depression and Beyond... In 1925, a drive for indoor plumbing was started. Due to the Great Depression, sufficient funds could not be... (cont'd)
A World War and a Growing School... In the early 1940s, our country was immersed in World War II. Closer to home while the citizens of our country... (cont'd)
The Fabulous Fifties... Tekoppel was remodeled in 1950 and kindergarten through sixth grade were in the original building. In the 1950-1951 school... (cont'd)
The Sensational Sixties... Tekoppel School began this decade with a huge addition to its little, eight-room schoolhouse and an award for our... (cont'd)
In 1984, the EVSC changed from a K-8 system. Tekoppel became a K-5 elementary school and middle schools were established. Beginning in 1984,... (cont'd)