Reitz Alumni Council

Join Reitz's Outstanding Alumni Council

· Reitz is about to build a new organization--Outstanding Alumni Council.

· The council would be made up of one person from each graduating class from Reitz.

· The outstanding alumni would be selected from all those who apply from their graduating year.

· Once the council was formed, they would meet periodically with district principals to work on special projects.

· One of the aims would be to build a contact list for each graduation year.

· So, graduates who have been working on their reunion committees should most certainly apply because you might already have a contact list in working order.

· Council members would work on special projects ranging from input on the centennial celebration in 2018 to helping in an annual fundraiser to assisting in building a database.

· In no way would our Outstanding Alumni Council compete with our already-formed organizations like Big Blue Boosters or our R-Men organization.

· It would be very possible for an alum to serve in all of these organizations and be on the Outstanding Alumni Council as well.

· Council members would be featured in our print programs, in framed group photos in the building, and at special events.

· If you have an interest in serving on this new council, please email the Reitz principal at: [email protected]