Technology at Tekoppel

Students at Tekoppel use a variety of technology each day. Students learn to use calculators in math. They use computers to generate creative writing stories, learn reading, vocabulary, comprehension skills, blog about chapter books they are reading, and research topics through the use of the Internet. Students are using our Apple computer lab to complete Acuity and ISTEP+ testing and to create original music and art projects in those classes. Students also utilize Windows netbooks within their classrooms for research, Acuity, and other online activities.
In Kindergarten and first grade, an iPad lab is utilized with students. These youngsters become tech-savvy by using apps that are teacher selected and approved and address skills and concepts in a unique, fun way!
At Tekoppel, we recognize the importance for all students to be technologically literate. As this century progresses, students will need to have computer skills that reach far beyond simple word processing. We implement technology in many different ways to introduce students to the types of technology they may be using as the enter middle school and high school. Students benefit from the use of the new Promethean ActivBoards during instructional time, too.