Virtual Learning Days

Virtual Lessons for March 16-20, 2020

KG (Shade)  KG (Shade) March 16-20  KG (Shade) March 16-20 Log In info
KG (Holt)   KG (Holt) March 16-20  
1st grade
March 16-20
2nd grade  2nd
March 16-20
3rd grade  3rd
March 16-20
4th grade  4th
March 16-20
5th grade reading  5th Reading March 16-20  
5th grade math  5th Math March16-20  
5th grade science/social studies  5th Sci/SS March 16-20  
5th grade Art  5th Art
 March 16-20
Life Skills (Winstead) March 16-20 (Winstead)
Life Skills (Walls) March 16-20 (Walls)
Beginning Band Beginning Band   

Below is a partial list of EVSC’s community partners who have offered their facilities so that students can have access to computers and Internet. There are other partners that may be specific to certain schools not listed.

  • The Boys and Girls Club (M-F 2:30-7:30) (812) 425-2311
  • The Dream Center (812 )401-5558
  • Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library-sessions are limited to 2 hours
    • EVPL East (Chandler & Bayard Park)
    • EVPL West (Franklin St at Franklin Park)
    • EVPL Stringtown (Across from AIS)
    • EVPL North Park (Koehler Dr by Central HS)
    • EVPL Oaklyn (Under the Meadow)
    • EVPL McCollough (Behind Washington Square Mall)
    • EVPL Red Bank (in University Village)
    • EVPL Central (downtown)
    • ALL branches are open on Saturday
    • EVPL East, West, and Stringtown are always closed on Thursdays
  • Carver Community Center - Available Monday-Friday (2:30-6:00), not open on Saturday (812) 423-2612
  • David L. Rice Library-USI (812) 465-7127 Call before to check for exceptions to hours
    • Requires parent or guardian supervision for children under 16
    • State ID required for computer access
    • 100 PC stations with internet access throughout the 4 floors