Fifth Grade

Our four fifth grade teachers work diligently to help students master Indiana state academic standards and prepare students for their transition to Helfrich Park S.T.E.M. Academy. We believe each student is a unique individual, and we differentiate instruction to meet each student's specific instructional needs. Students learn the importance of organizational skills as they rotate between math, reading, science, and social studies classes.

Field trips and guest speakers provide enrichment opportunities for our students. Two important community programs that provide information to our students are D.A.R.E. and Holly's House. The D.A.R.E. program educates students about drug and alcohol resistance. Holly's House presents their "Think First & Stay Safe" program which teaches students essential safety skills to improve self-reliance and increase self-esteem. A field trip to Howell Wetlands provides our students with hands-on science education within the wetland ecosystem. A trip to the LST provides our students with experiences in history and the important part Evansville played in World War II. A trip to Toyota demonstrates the importance of our tri-state community and its place in our local and global economies.